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Center for Legal Data Science

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10 June 2023: Interview with Prof. Dr. Thomas Gächter, Dean of the law faculty

The field of law is being fundamentally changed by digitization, which presents it with new challenges and opportunities. In that context, "critical thinking is key". Read the full Interview with the law factulty's Dean here.

Full interview (PDF, 314 KB)


15 March 2023: A cross faculty lecture series addressing Machine Learning

In the autumn semester 2023 Prof. Dr. Altwicker of the executive Board of the CLDS will again teach in a cross-faculty lecture series which addresses the basic principles, applications and implications of machine learning. Students are introduced to the use of algorithms in the world of work and in research, and gain awareness of the risks of digitalization and the accompanying ethical issues.

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3 November 2022: Exposing Blind Spots

The Center for Legal Data Science (CLDS) at UZH is a new hub for research into the use of quantitative methods in legal studies. Researchers and students at the Faculty of Law will benefit from the center’s programs and services.

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With its new funding instrument, TRANSFORM, UZH is laying the groundwork for innovation across the whole university. The Institute of One Health Research and the Center for Legal Data Science are set to receive seed funding of around CHF 2.7 million in total over the next four years.

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